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Welcome at Zcase Belgium & The Nederlands

your specialist in flip-flightcases

New Products

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Zcase DJ booth

Zcase DJ booths available for standard Pioneer and Denon controllers,

Pioneer media-players, Technics turntables and 19" mixers.

Custom stands for laptops or monitor speakers optionally available.

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Stresske BVBA is the exclusive distributor and reseller of ZCase for Belgium & The Netherlands.  


Zcase is a European quality product that stands for innovation and craftsmanship. These flight cases are made with an eye for detail, especially for professionals.


Never before have professionalism, sustainability and simplicity worked in such harmony. Because our flip cases are equipped with air pressure pumps, the mixing consoles in them can be raised with just one finger. This has never been easier.


Today, everything works in overdrive. With our flight cases you can easily keep up the pace. You save time and effort setting up your equipment. In addition, we only use the quality fittings of Penn Elcom, carefully selected because only the best is good enough.


With Zcase, you don't just choose for yourself, you contribute to the future of tomorrow.


Products that fit everybody, at Zcase we think of everyone.

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- Simply the best in any case -





Where to find us?

Stresske BVBA

official ZCase distributor

Vaartstraat 27

3520 Zonhoven



Tel: +32 11 76 61 75

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